Welcome to Hell. Dante, A Divine Comedy, written and art by Ellen Wetmore. Editing, guidance, layout and lettering by Jiba Molei Anderson. Published and distributed by Griot Enterprises.

Professor Dante Alighieri is on his way to a job interview with Virgil, a poet and chauffeur. But something doesn’t sit right with Dante. Crows, dead people, and prophets speak to him, the cops are out to get him, and are those college students chained down? Beatrice, his host, assures him college life at Everwhite is paradise, and why shouldn’t it be?

It’s a great opportunity… for the right person.

From the customs line at Logan airport to a meeting in the Ninth Ring of Hell, Dante has to figure out how to survive at Everwhite, and the surrounding Commonwealth, without the privilege of being white.

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ISBN: 979-8375351759  
PRINT: $24.99
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This 2016 catalog of drawings is available by contacting Kayafas Gallery. There are 15 full color reproductions and a brief essay by Deb Santoro. 9" x 12".